Best Free Ocean PowerPoint Templates

The ocean and its colors: blue, blue-green, and turquoise, represent peace, serenity, tranquility. In presentations, they can help relax the audience so they can focus on your content. Ocean-inspired presentations also bring to mind images of vacations, luxury, fun, and the beauty of nature. Here is a list of the Best Free Ocean PowerPoint Templates that you can use for many types of presentations.

best free ocean powerpoint templates

Ocean Wave Adventure

The Ocean Waves Nature Presentation Template is a widescreen PowerPoint template that you can use for many types of presentations. It is a PowerPoint Online Template so you can access it from anywhere by opening a browser on any mobile device.

This PowerPoint Template features 11 slides that contains various layouts to present your information in various ways. The first slide has a Title Layout or cover slide which you can use to start your presentation or to also serve as transition slides. The other slides help you present various types of data in different interesting and highly visual forms such as tables, lists, graphs and diagrams.

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Channel the Beauty and Movement of the Ocean with This Template

Colorful Seashells Presentation

Seashells are nature’s little works of art. They come in different colors and shapes. Seeing seashells can automatically make anyone reminisce walks at the beach or childhood moments of picking up shells on the sand.

This Seashells Nature Presentation Template captures the beauty of nature with this colorful template featuring seashells of different sizes and shapes. This widescreen presentation features 11 colorful slides that are coherent and uniform, giving your presentation an instant beach theme. The background color is light enough, with swooping shapes, to give way to your content and make it stand out.

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Showcase Natures Unique Beauty Using Seashells Themed Presentation

Ride With The Waves

Undulating waves spell fun on the beach, surfing, and just having a good time. If you need a recreation-themed presentation, you can use this template as an inviting visual tour. The template features 4 slides that contain different layouts to allow you to insert text, photos, graphics, diagrams, charts, tables, and more.

This Surfing Waves PowerPoint Template contains a realistic photo of waves that go on the border, with curved lines to separate it from the slide background. This template can be used for family, school, trainings and business. It can even be used as training presentation for surfing training, beach safety, etc.

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Realistic Waves on Blue Background

Playful Starfish Template

As a child, you may find starfish fascinating. Their colors and shapes are simply beautiful and as a child, you may have collected some in your walk by the shore. This last template in our article features the whimsical design and images of starfish in a beautifully designed presentation.

This Starfish Presentation Template features a picture of two starfish with a shell and pearls, making you instantly recall the beach. This template also contains blue and gold as background and accent colors to represent the sand and the sea. This template can be used for presentations to highlight beach-themed products or crafts.

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Beautiful Starfish Photo and Beach-Inspired Presentation

Picture Paradise in a Presentation

The beach is a place people go to usually for vacation and to unwind. If there is paradise on earth, it is most likely on a beach, with its cool tranquil waters, pristine sand, and fresh breeze. However, not anyone can go to paradise, so you can bring paradise to them through this Beach Paradise PowerPoint Template.

This template contains four convenient slides for all your content. The cover slide has a tranquil picture of a sailboat on the shore, with the turquoise beach in the background. The inside slides echo this image on the border to provide uniformity to your presentation. You can use this for boating training, vacation plans, tourism, and other presentation topics.

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paradise picture in a presentation

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