One Page Business Plan Template

If you have a business idea or you are a serial entrepreneur with new endeavor in mind then a business plan is a document that you should not forget to prepare. But in order to speed up the venture design process here we have a business plan template that you can download for free and use.

One Page Business Plan Template

The good thing about this business plan is it only contains one page business plan template, which is convenient to focus in an idea in a single page and be concise enough answering the core concepts of your venture. This is the kind of documents that VCs and Angel Investors look for to evaluate new business ideas.

Chris Guillebeau from The $100 Startup published a free One Page Business Plan in PDF document that you can download for free to get your business started sooner than later.

The main concept in this one page business plan template is that you should be able to answer in 1 line or 2 (as much) about what you are selling, what will be your customers and how much you will charge them for your product.

Alternatively, there are other business plan templates and approaches that you can follow to detail your business idea in a document. In particular, the canvas business plan idea can be useful for entrepreneurs. Lean Canvas is a free tool that helps you to create your business plan in one page canvas for your Lean Startup.

Download Free One Page Business Plan from (PDF document)