Horizontal Family Tree Chart Template For PowerPoint

Tracing your family tree can be a lot of work. It can also be hard to show your relationships as well as to fill in the blank spaces in your family tree if you don’t have any form of visual aid. To help you display and fill out your very own family tree beautifully and without any hassle, you can use this template below.

The¬†Horizontal Family Tree Chart Template for PowerPoint is a powerful template that can help you list and organize the members of your family tree. This template is great because it lets you create a visual roadmap of your family’s lineage. Doing something like this is exciting because it allows you to trace your roots and see where you came from. It can also be a great family project that you can do while bonding with each other.

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Trace Your Roots

This family tree chart template has a horizontal orientation to create a hierarchy or connection with each family member. It is similar to an organizational chart, although most organizational charts have a vertical orientation to show levels and a chain of command.

This horizontal hierarchy is great for family tree charting because you can easily create a starting point and branch out from there. You don’t have to have a background in graphic design, although you will need some familiarity with PowerPoint. Still, creating your own family tree using this template is very easy.

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Celebrate Your Family’s Rich History

This template has a gradient turquoise and blue background, with geometric circles to add texture to the background. The family tree chart complements the background, with its cool colors of purple, blue, turquoise and green. The lines are thin and minimalist, complementing the whole modern and neutral theme of the template.


With placeholders to give you an idea of how your own chart will look, you can be sure that you’ll be proud to display your family tree whether as a presentation or even a poster print-out.

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