Hexagonal PowerPoint Template

If you are into art, design, engineering, geometry, or simply want a shape-themed presentation, then you have come to the right place. With the Hexagonal PowerPoint Template below, you can create beautiful, interesting, and artistic presentations that your audience is sure to appreciate.


This Hexagonal PowerPoint Template is a free, attractive and interesting template, as it features hexagonal shapes and patterns that resemble a honeycomb design. Thus, this can be used for many presentation topics as well as themes.

Be a Busy Bee with Hexagonal Designs on Your Slides

The template comes with 5 premade slides that you can instantly use as soon as you download it. These slides start with a title slide, followed by other slide layouts that allow you to include lists, charts, graphs, and tables to your presentation.

The title slide contains big and bold text for your title and subtitle, and this sets off clearly against the hexagonal background. Meanwhile, the inside slides have a slightly transparent white shape overlay for setting off your text against the background, making your every slide highly readable for your audience.

The slides for tables, charts, and graphs on the other hand have coordinating and complimentary colors that match the color scheme. Of course, you can change these by clicking on the table, graph or SmartArt and clicking on the Design tab that goes along with it. Here, you can change the design, format, and color scheme.


Easily Create Stunning Presentations for Any Topic

You can also duplicate these slides depending on your presentation needs. You add more slides and choose from a wide array of layout options that are professionally designed and readily available.


By uploading this hexagonal design template to your OneDrive account, you can be sure that you always have this template with you wherever you go. This makes it very easy and convenient to create stunning presentations for any topic even when you are on the go.

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