Geometric Shapes

Free Geometry PowerPoint Template

One of the topics for which it is quite hard to find a good presentation template is geometry. Somehow, there aren’t many good templates available for geometry, or at least not free ones. However, there are always exceptions. The Free Measurement PowerPoint Template is not only a great geometry PowerPoint template but it even comes …

Diamond Grid Design Business PowerPoint Template


When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, the trend now is to be subtle, clean, minimal, and to make your content the star of the show, so to speak. It is important to still keep things concise while still highlighting the main ideas behind every slide.

Hexagonal PowerPoint Template


If you are into art, design, engineering, geometry, or simply want a shape-themed presentation, then you have come to the right place. With the Hexagonal PowerPoint Template below, you can create beautiful, interesting, and artistic presentations that your audience is sure to appreciate.

Animated Source Arrow PowerPoint Diagrams

Arrows are perhaps one of the best symbols for making logical diagrams. The Animated Source Arrows PowerPoint Template contains PowerPoint layouts with multiple arrow diagrams which can be manipulated for making a variety of diagrams.

Facet PowerPoint Template With Green Geometric Shapes

Minimalist Yet Stylish Facet Design Template for PowerPoint

If you want to create modern, minimalist, stylish and sophisticated templates, you are in the right place. The Facet PowerPoint Template with Green Geometric Shapes is a beautiful and artistically designed template that you can use for many types or topics of presentations. 

Geometric Design Template For PowerPoint

Clean, Refreshing Cover Slide Layout and Design

If you work in the architecture, interior design, decorating, engineering and other similar industries, then you would sometimes need to create a presentation. However, a creative topic in such an industry would benefit with a complementing, equally creative PowerPoint design.

3D Pyramid Cone Template for PowerPoint using Shapes

We recently published a nice comparison table in PowerPoint that you can download for your own product presentations or service plan presentations, but now we are also releasing this nice 3D Pyramid Cone template for PowerPoint with nice graphics created with PowerPoint shapes that you can download to decorate your presentations. This nice 3D pyramid …

Free 3D Geometric Shapes Template for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for your Math class and need 3D geometric shapes for your slides, then here you can download a free 3D Shapes PowerPoint template with different geometric shape ready to be used in your PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint comes with preset of 2D shapes that you can use and …

How to Draw a Circular Arrow in PowerPoint 2010 using Shapes

Once upon a time you need to create circular arrows for your presentation slides. In PowerPoint you can create this kind of circular arrows by using different approaches. One approach can be using a normal arrow style or big arrow shape and then edit the points to make it curve. You can make curve arrows …