GroupDocs Viewer: Online Document Viewer For Small Businesses

GroupDocs Viewer is a service which provides a cloud based online document viewer which supports a plethora of famous document formats. You can either use the cloud service by logging in with an account to upload and viewe documents from popular formats or buy a Cloud API to integrate it to your corporate setup.

GroupDocs Viewer

Upload and View Documents

To try out GroupDocs Viewer you can sign in for free with a 14-day trial. Once logged in you can upload and view documents. For example, we uploaded a sample PowerPoint presentation to view it with GroupDocs Viewer. It is worth mentioning here that this web service supports MS Office formats for Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as TXT, RTF, PDF, OpenOffice (ODT) and image formats (TIFF, JPG, BMP and GIF).

Upload files to GroupDocs

Convert Documents Online

You can even convert documents between various formats right from within your Dashboard.

Convert documents online

The conversion options include, PPS, PPT, PPTX, PPSX, PDF, XPS, TIFF, TIF, JPEG and JPG.

Conversion formats for GroupDocs viewer

Annotate and Compare Documents and Build Questionnaires

GroupDocs Viewer is also connected with other web apps which allow you to compare, annotate and build your very own questionnaires. GroupDocs Viewer also has a number of other handy features, such as the option to embed documents to your website and he ability to provide support for as many as 50 document types using the HTML5 powered document viewer.

Build questionnaires

There are different prices for different APIs and services provided by GroupDocs, you can find out more about available features and try GroupDocs Viewer on a 14 day trial basis via the link given below.

Go to GroupDocs Viewer

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