Getting PowerPoint Presentation Ideas

Once in a while, we run  out of PowerPoint presentations ideas. When that happens, it’s again a good time to start innovating. There are many tips and ideas that you can grab from the net  for inspirations to achieve your presentation goals.

Here, you’ll find some presentation ideas that you can take advantage of. First,  identify the target audience for your presentation. Do you want to impress your boss? Do you want to win a deal? Do you want to teach your students? Or just create a fun presentation to celebrate a wedding or a birthday?

Example of PowerPoint presentation - Getting PowerPoint Presentation Ideas

Impress your Boss and Clients

If you are looking for presentation ideas to impress your boss or company clients or you just want to have a professionally looking business presentation, one of the best presentation tip is to use helpers as visual aids. Other design helpers to make use of are widgets with arrows, balloons, pointers and callouts on PowerPoint.

The arrangement of the presentation is very important. Avoid long paragraphs which will only bore your audience. Opt for pictures or images, since the presentations should be more visual than simply pure text. Avoid too loud or inappropriate sound effects or too many PowerPoint transitions.

Bosses are often busy. Try to keep your presentation as short as possible unless  you want them to go out of the room before your presentation ends.

The same goes with your clients. Clients don’t have much time to spend on meetings unless they are very interested with your products/services.

You can incorporate fun in your presentation without going out of scope or looking ridiculous. This will help you achieve interesting PowerPoint presentations.

Win a deal with a PowerPoint Presentation

People usually have a prejudice about PowerPoint presentations. However, the problem is not about Microsoft PowerPoint,  but with its content. Practice and prepare your PowerPoint presentation focusing on details. Try to put your feet in the shoes of your audience. Are you getting bored with your own PowerPoint presentation? If the answer is yes, then you’d need to get some slides out. Or maybe you’d need to put some images or diagrams instead of text. Shapes are a good tool to make attractive diagrams. Draw a stick man with PowerPoint (not a Sticky Man, a Stick Man). If you have any doubt check how to create a label tag with PowerPoint shapes.

Teaching with PowerPoint presentations

Many students are wary of  teachers using PowerPoint presentations and many of  them prefer not to use PowerPoint. The problem is not the tool or the software but on the presenter and content.  Teachers can also use other tools like games or other means to teach. Students want variations in learning.

Of course, you can get more PowerPoint presentation ideas to succeed with your presentation. Get some extra inspiration digging the net like Google Images to get inspiration for presentations.