Animated Network PowerPoint Template For IT And Technology Presentations

Technology in its many forms is like boxes connected from one network to another, be it social media or the various nodes of a network. The Boxes Connected PowerPoint Template is an Animated PowerPoint Template which provides various generic sample slides, suitable for making technology presentations.

Editable Slides With Animations

The editable slides within this template come with animations which can be used for various network and technology based topics. The first slide shows different connected boxes which light up one by one when played in slideshow mode. You can insert your own images, logos, clipart and text to customize this slide with branding, a presentation title and subtitle.

Connected Boxes PowerPoint Template

Attractive SmartArt Graphics And Charts

Other slides include attractive slides with SmartArt, clipart and animations which provide editable graphs, charts and generic diagrams. You cannot only edit these objects to add your own content but also customize their color, size, shape and overall format using tools from the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu.

Editable SmartArt Graphics

Whether you require making a business presentation or need to elaborate upon various topics like business networking, communication, social networking, technology or computer networks, this template has appropriate slides which can be manipulated to match your presentation topic with ease and grace.

Editable Charts For Networking Presentations

Different Page Layouts With Clipart

The Boxes Connected PowerPoint Template also contains various page layouts with clipart that can be quite handy in making your presentations more attractive. These page layouts have been neatly crafted to provide even spacing for adjusting multiple topics on a single slide, without cluttering your slide. Using such sample templates is arguably easier than trying to adjust layouts on your own, which can take hours of work and still result in a cluttered and confusing slide.

Different Page Layouts With Clipart

The Boxes Connected Template is available for both PowerPoint and Keynote. It is compatible with:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (PC)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 and 2011 ( Mac)
  • Keynote (Mac and  iOS)

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