Free Simple Animated PowerPoint Template With Photo And Orange Color

The Free Simple Animated PowerPoint Template with Photo and Orange color is one of the many free PowerPoint Presentation Templates available online. This particular template provides an easy, more convenient way of improving any presentation and making it more attractive for your audience.


This Animated PowerPoint Template is a professionally designed slide template that animates text. The text slides out from behind the picture and stops in the center of the slide. The text may include a title or heading and three up to five possible subheadings that you can use for your presentation. The slide theme is orange and there is a picture of a tree on top of a rocky hill, overlooking an ocean at sunset. This design is suitable for motivational seminars or devotion presentations. However, it can also be used for tourism-related presentations or for featuring places, natural attractions or tourist spots.


Easy Customization

However, if you plan on using this slide for business presentations, you can easily change the color of the slide background. You can change it to whatever color you prefer or change it according to the theme of your whole presentation. You can also customize it to match the colors of your company logo. Moreover, instead of the default image of the tree, you can insert a different photo.

You can edit the text with your own by replacing it with short phrases in relation to your presentation. As for changing the sample image, you can select the picture and delete it. A placeholder with a Picture icon will show and you can click it to insert your own image.


The animation is already done and all you have to do is to copy and paste this slide into your existing presentation.

This template is free to use. You can download this Free Simple Animated PowerPoint Template with Photo and Orange Color at

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