Business Etiquette For Meetings And Networking

Networking and business events offer an opportunity for entrepreneurs and employees to converse and meet up with potential clients. These functions can be organized in various places such as local restaurant, trade shows and conferences for more formal networking events. So being an employer if you are thinking of taking your employees to any such event or you are also new to this term, then you should train your employees (e.g. by preparing a Power Point Presentation) to explain proper business and networking etiquette for any future meetings. To make such presentations you can always use our Business PowerPoint Templates, like the one shown below.


It is actually very hard to adjust in a place  where you are surrounded by people and that too the one’s you don’t know. A tough job, however, you can make yourself comfortable by just smiling, handshaking or introducing yourself to others. If it is more about business than a smart entrepreneur always takes the first initiative to introduce himself.

The best way of networking is not just sharing your business card but meeting with the attendees. Here, we are going to talk about some  business networking and meetings etiquette.

Best Practice is Listening Carefully

During a networking event, there will be a number of conversations, as attendees would try to promote their services. So you can also make use of this event as this is the best practice to promote your business  publicly. Always ask questions during conversations  and take an interest in the discussion. Experts believe that the more you are questioning the more people will feel that you are interested in the conversation.

Sharing Business Cards

This is one of the finest ways of meeting and networking etiquette. Attend these events with attractive business cards and share your business card at the meeting with potential clients. Before seeking for others cards you must first put yourself into the conversation to know more about their business. If you see there is someone who seems non-interested, avoid to exchange your card with him/her.

Networking Online

Make sure you have an existence in different social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter this will help you increase your social group by connecting with them. As today, people spend half of their time on-line. Do not make any negative comment about anyone’s branding. Participate in the conversation or discussion.

Networking can surely benefit entrepreneurs in their new business. Establishing  new business needs a huge investment so an entrepreneur requires to have the funds or the capital to start their business which is only possible when you have social networking. Networking can also help in finding potential clients. Networking is not just sharing your card or chit chat. It is to build a healthy relationship with other business owners, so that you and the other person associated with you get the complete benefit.

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