Free Scientific PowerPoint Template with 3D Bubbles

This is a free scientific template for PowerPoint 2007 and later with 3D bubbles and blue background that you can download for science projects and classes if you need a template with a fresh and organic design with molecules depicted as glass orbs on top of a chart of chemical compounds.

Free Scientific PowerPoint Template with 3D Bubbles

This free Organic Molecules template was created by our friends of PresenterMedia. As you can see in the sample template above, the organic molecules template contains different layouts and internal slide designs. For example, you can use the internal slide to display charts and graphics.

This is an example of internal slide used for Smart Art Page Layout objects. You can include Smart Art and PowerPoint graphics with text.

bubbles scientific powerpoint template

Or you can use the internal slide to make a comparison table using the comparison table layout. Here, you can display two tables and compare row by row the dataset.

comparison table powerpoint

Another good layout included in this free blue template is the Picture Page layout that will help you to embed pictures and photos in the presentation with a picture footer.

picture page layout sample

Additionally there is another special type of layout ready to be used for Agenda or Summary. This is great if you are preparing a meeting and need to add a detailed agenda about the schedule in a PowerPoint presentation, you can also combine these techniques of agenda using PowerPoint timelines.

agenda template for powerpoint

Download free Scientific Template for PowerPoint 2007 or later

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