Project Cost Tracker Template For Excel 2013


Successful project management requires thorough organization and keeping close track of your project’s activities. It also includes being on top of your costs and expenditures. To be effective in project management means that you are able to accomplish your project goals according to schedule and within the allocated budget.

Agenda or Summary Layout in PowerPoint Presentation

Displaying an agenda or summary of items in a PowerPoint presentation is something that we may need to include in our business or presentations. Especially when we are presenting the PPT to a group of colleagues in a weekly meeting or a remote presentation. If you need to prepare a layout for an agenda or …

Free Scientific PowerPoint Template with 3D Bubbles

This is a free scientific template for PowerPoint 2007 and later with 3D bubbles and blue background that you can download for science projects and classes if you need a template with a fresh and organic design with molecules depicted as glass orbs on top of a chart of chemical compounds. This free Organic Molecules …