Download free science PowerPoint templates and forms for presentations on science projects or scientific work. Free science PowerPoint templates can be used in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 to impress your MIT professors, roommates and college students.

PhET PowerPoint Add-in Provides Free Science & Math Simulations

Explaining scientific and mathematical concepts in the classroom is one thing but what if you can display interactive models which change as you select certain options? PhET is a PowerPoint add-in available at the Office Store, which provides a set of scientific and mathematical simulations that can be great for class lectures and for students …

Animated Chemistry PowerPoint Template

Getting things done with the right mix of resources is a matter of chemistry! Just like mixing those colorful chemicals in a lab to make things work (you guessed it right, I have nothing to do with chemistry or chemical science). However, if you are someone who needs a chemistry themed presentation template to depict …

Blue Atom PowerPoint Template


Despite being literally everywhere, atoms tend to still spark that air of mystery. Perhaps it’s because they still remain unseen, and they move in ways that any normal person could not easily understand. Still, you can always understand atoms, as your audience would your presentations, especially if you have an atom-themed template.

Free Test Tube PowerPoint Template

Test Tube and Monitor Themed Template for the Health and Medical Industries

If you are in a field involving medicine, pharmaceuticals, health, chemistry, and chemical engineering, to name a few, then you know that you would need presentations to show your findings, research, products, and other information. For these purposes, you would need slideshow themes that match the industry that you belong in. 

Electronic Signature Animated PowerPoint Template

Many of us use some sort of electronic signatures every day, be it a simple unlock of a smartphone or tablet or to verify a digitally signed document. The Animated Electronic Signature PowerPoint Template is a one of a kind template which can help you cover complex topics like electronic signature, user authentication, tablets and …

Best Free PowerPoint Poster Templates

Display Multiple Information Accurately in One Poster

When you want to create a poster for your event, promo or any other marketing purposes, you would usually need creative services from graphic designers or illustrators. This would usually entail costs in terms of conceptualizations, not to mention possibly countless revisions until you get the design that you want. Aside from that, you will …

Animated Digital Robot Template For PowerPoint

When making technology themed presentations, nothing works better than a robot. We previously brought the review for the Animated Robot PowerPoint Template, this time we will provide you with a feature overview for an animated video background template for PowerPoint, i.e. the Animated Boxy Robot Template.

Science Poster Project Template For PowerPoint

Create an Impressive Science Project Poster

Science. You either hate it or you love it. Some get intimidated by it while others just love the discoveries science brings. If you are a teacher or professor and you want to engage your students in your exciting science lesson; or maybe you are a student who wants to find good material for your report, …

Animated Sci Fi PowerPoint Template For Kids & Educational Presentations

The aliens have landed from outer space and it’s time for kids to play with little green men! The Sci Fi Playground PowerPoint Template is an animated template by Presenter Media for making presentations related to science and education.

Animated Microbes Template For PowerPoint Presentations

It can be hard to make medical presentations interesting, especially for an audience which may lack knowledge about the topic. However, half of your work can be made easy by using an interesting template related to your topic. Microbes is an Animated PowerPoint Template which contains video animations, interesting clipart, SmartArt graphics, charts and other …