Free Receipt Template Design For Word

A receipt is not an unusual thing in any business. As a trading or financial entity, you may have received or issued receipts. A receipt is a written acknowledgment that something, like money or another thing of value, has been received. In other words, it is a written record on a purchase of a good or service.

Handy Receipt Template Design

Many companies invest in providing their clients or customers a proper receipt to ensure that every transaction is recorded by both parties. The Microsoft Office portal helps many businesses in providing business transaction templates and one such template is the Free Receipt Template Design For Word. The Free Receipt Template Design for Word is a template that lets you customize and print receipts for your business, detailing pertinent information such as date, transaction number, items sold and amount.

A Handy Template

For every business enterprise, especially start-up ones, it pays to create your own receipt design instead of paying a third party to do it for you. the Free Receipt Template Design for Word allows you to create your own professional-looking receipt, thus saving you on costs.

Professional Receipt in a Snap

The Free Receipt Template Design for Word conveniently contains three receipts in a single page. One copy of the receipt contains all the information any business needs to record a transaction. So whether it is an acknowledgment, delivery, sales or official receipt, you can use this template to get things done in a snap.

Instant Receipt

The Free Receipt Template Design for Word gives you and your company instant transaction documentation with this professionally designed template. It contains the Company Name, Company Address, Payer Name, Payer Address, Transaction Date, Description, Amount, Subtotal, Tax and Overall Total.

Easy to Use and Customize

Adding more transactions is easy and you don’t have to rearrange everything within the Receipt Template. There is already enough space for more than one transaction. You can even customize the receipt template to match your company colors or even just your preferences.

To use it, all you have to do is fill in all the needed information between the square brackets and in no time, you will have a receipt for your own company. You can download this totally user-friendly Free Receipt Template Design for Word at

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