How Smart Phones Can Empower Your Slideshow Presentations?

Mobile phones were once meant for mere verbal communication. But with advancing technology the design and functioning evolved and still continues to pleasantly surprise us with features never thought of before. Hence today these utilities are rightly referred to as smart phones. PowerPoint Presentation applications are the latest fad to hit the world of smart phone technology.

How Smart Phones Can Empower Your Slideshow Presentations

Slideshow presentation through a smart phone can be personalised and empowered to be as effective and feature rich as any presentation made using a computer. Here are some of the amazing features that you get using your smart phone for a comprehensive, empowered and impressive presentation:

  • Available as compact apps – The mobile presentation apps are quite compact, that is, they do not use too much memory that would compromise the overall functionality of the phone. The memory usage usually lies in between 220KB to 240KB which is quite compatible.
  • Omnipresent means of presentation – Whether you are on a run, at work or at home, you can easily deliver your presentation without worrying for the hefty means like a computer or a projector to stage for the delivery. You have your own pocket edition for a means of presentation, such as for instant participant in webinars. It can be with you everywhere, just a click away on your phone!
  • Fast and easy usage – Since the presentation software does not use too much memory, you can enjoy the speedily working application. Also today’s smart phones allow easy preparation of the presentation supporting the application perfectly.
  • Versatile usage – A smart phone allows you to make a presentation anywhere, on any theme. The presentation can be work related, a small entertainment piece for the kids, a personal presentation to pay a tribute to a couple’s years of togetherness on the occasion of their wedding anniversary and for a zillion other purposes.
  • Facilitated draft work – Preparing a rough layout for the presentation is now super easy using smart phones. You can bring in the same to be used as references.
  • Preview option – The smart phones allow you to preview the presentation rendering you the option to zoom in and out for to thoroughly scan the presentation and its appeal.
  • Variety of thumbnails – The thumbnail feature allow easy spotting of the one presentation you want to open from amongst the lot.
  • Amazing animation feature – Now this feature is the definite cherry on top. Who could have thought of creating flawless animations for presentations, that too over a phone! But this is exactly what you can now achieve for your presentation to add to its appeal.

With such outstanding features, smartphones are soon to completely take over the existing means of presentation like the laptops and projectors.

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