Free Project Plan PowerPoint Template

When you’re pitching a deck to a potential investor or want to present a plan for a project before a client, you might need to make a slide deck which lists down your project plan. The Free Project Plan PowerPoint Template gives a step by step guide to help you make a project plan with all the necessary information. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced project manager, you can use this presentation template for making project plans to list down detailed information about a venture.

Free project plan PowerPoint template

Create a Project Overview Presentation

This template is originally title Project Overview, which means that this slide deck contains a set of slides designed to create a detailed roadmap for a project. Other than the opening slide, the sample slides present layouts for adding your project goals, description, competitor analysis, details about quality standards you intend to follow and the technology to be used for the project, team resources, procedures, schedule, current status and related documents.

Add your project goals

Suitable for Future and Existing Projects

This free template can not only be used for making presentations about future projects but also to give an overview for the current status of a project in progress.

Mention related documents for your project

The given sample slides are just a suggested format and you can easily replace them with your own version of a project plan. The template has a simple layout with Trebuchet MS (Body) font. You can also change the background design via Variants menu in the Design tab. Furthermore, you can easily add your own custom timelines, diagrams and PowerPoint charts to use the template according to your requirements.

Change project plan template design

Also see our review for the Project Overview PowerPoint Template which is another free template for making project plans and to elaborate upon the current status of projects.

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