Project Overview PowerPoint Template

A project overview will give stakeholders, audience members, managers, colleagues, or subordinates an idea of what your project is all about and why it is an important undertaking. It is important for a project overview to be able to clearly yet concisely explain the important points of the project while still allow your audience to be interested to learn more.


To help you create an impressive project overview, you need a trusty template such as this Project Overview PowerPoint Template. This template is available for the latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, yet you can still enjoy backward compatibility with earlier versions.

Create a Project Overview in Minutes

The Project Overview PowerPoint Template features 11 premade and professionally designed slides which allow you to create your presentation in half the time compared to creating one from scratch.

This template begins with an impressive title slide, which features pin stripes going horizontally and vertically on the top and bottom of the slide, creating an effective and elegant frame for your content in the center. To highlight your title and subtitle, there is an off-center light blue overlay where you can type your title, project name, company name, and presenter name. The “Project Overview” is already given as a sample title that you can use as well.


Make Your Brand Stand Out in Each Slide

The succeeding slides contain specialized information to make your project overview complete and organized. This includes; Project Goals, Description, Competitive Analysis, Team Resources, Procedures, Schedule, Current Status, and Related Documents. You can also delete, add, or rearrange the slides depending on your specific Project Overview presentation needs.

To make the presentation even more personalized to your own organization or company, you can add your logo and slogan to the slides.


To further up your branding even more, you can also change the theme of the template to match your company colors. You can do this by going to the Design menu in the Ribbon and choosing the theme and variants. You can also customize the background with patterns and gradients.

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