Free Corporate Earnings Analysis Template for Excel

For every company or corporation, it is important to keep track of your business’ status: your sales, expenses, cash flow, operations and earnings, to name a few. This is in order to check if your business, particularly your corporation, is achieving its goals especially in the financial aspect. Free Corporate Earnings Analysis Template for Excel is one of the many useful Excel templates and spreadsheets that you can use for your corporation.


The Corporate Earnings Analysis Excel template helps you perform basic fundamental equity or stocks analysis. It is a template that allows you to monitor the net benefits of your corporation’s operation. The earnings is the amount on which corporate tax is due. The free download Corporate Earnings Analysis Template for Excel allows you to record your data for a given time period and analyze specific aspects of the corporate earnings.

Through the company earnings template, you can see your corporation’s growth within a given time period. The Excel template allows you to record your corporation’s net income before taxes, sales, earnings per share and the book value per share. These data are then displayed alongside other data in a different year or quarter, depending on what you want to record and analyze.


The Free Corporate Earnings Analysis Template for Excel also shows your pre-tax profit on sales percentage and the percentage earned on invested capital. All these data are then summarized to give you an accurate analysis on your average corporate profit and earnings.


With the data that you encode in the free Corporate Earnings Analysis Template, you can also estimate future earnings to predict trends and price changes. This Excel template is a great tool for anyone involved in a corporation to track investments and earnings.

The free Excel template has a simple, streamlined design with integrated formula. You can easily change the sample data in the template to reflect your own corporation’s earnings.


This template is no longer available, you can download this alternative Corporate Earnings Analysis Template.

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