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Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC are online courses that provide open access via the internet. A MOOC is a good source for distant learning as the end user can benefit from all kinds of e-learning material including; videos, problem sets, readings and interactive user driven forums that bring together an entire community of students and educators. If you are looking for such online courses that can take you beyond generic PowerPoint slides and wish to use a source from where you can easily sort and find required courses, then simply visit MOOC List. It is a website that lists various Massive Open Online Courses by category, alongwith helpful information about each course.


Benefits of Massive Open Online Courses

As MOOC is based on open licensing of content, one can not only use such courses for distant learning but to acquire free education via the internet. While this open nature of MOOC has also raised a few questions about its credibility, however the quality and quantity of Massive Open Online Courses seems to be on the rise. In fact, the year 2012 was even declared as “The Year of The MOOC” by New York Times. The benefit of websites like MOOC List is that it acts as a catalog for easily searching for online courses and resources for free education, including courses from some very prestigious institutions.

Free Online Courses

Search And Find Free Online Courses By Category

At MOOC List you can search for courses by category. The left side menu displays courses by “Initiative”, which is basically a sort of categorization of online courses according to certain educational learning platforms. For example, one of the listed initiatives include 10genEducation, which are free courses to help people learn MongoDB. This initiative is available for anyone who can access it online. After the course is complete, students are given a certificate of completion from 10gen, alongwith membership of the 10gen’s community of cutting-edge NoSQL technologists.

Free MongoDB Course

Find And Enroll For Courses via MOOC List

As MOOC List is a catalogue of Massive Open Online Courses, you can search and subscribe for courses, as well as find information like the course type, duration, expenses (if any), pre-requisites and also get a link for the website at which you can enroll for the course.

10genEducation  MOOC List Course

While many of the courses listed at MOOC List are free, you might have to bear certain expenses to purchase study equipment on your own (e.g. paint for an Arts course). Some online courses also come with an extra paid version. For example, if you are a programmer you might be additionally offered a paid online space to fiddle with your code. However, such offers are quite likely to be optional.

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