Use Chart Templates and Save Time Designing your Charts in PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint you can save your chart design as a template for future use. This feature can be really helpful if you want to design custom charts using styles and effects and save it as a template using your corporate visual identity.

The file format used for chart templates is .crtx and it contains settings for colors, axes, grid lines, categories, legends, text, title, and other chart options that you can configure in PowerPoint 2010 and newer versions of PowerPoint like PowerPoint 2013.

If you want to avoid changing the chart properties each time that you need to make a new chart, then chart templates is for you. You can design your custom charts in PowerPoint and then save them as templates.  Then you can apply the same chart template to multiple charts along multiple documents.

How to Use Chart Templates in Microsoft PowerPoint

It is very useful and simple to use. First, insert a normal Chart in PowerPoint and dismiss the Excel part or where to get the data from. You can of course test it with dummy data or your real data. But for the scope of this article we will focus on the Design tab.

Once the chart is inserted in the PowerPoint slide, go to Design tab and look for Save As Template button. Do not click there yet, we will apply some changes to the current chart first.

chart template ribbon

Let’s say that we have the following chart design in PowerPoint. After changing the marker design and line type to smoothed line, then we decided to save it as a template for later usage.

free chart template powerpoint

So, having this chart with modifications, select it and go to Design tab. Now click on Save As Template button. You will be asked to specify a chart template filename. Notice that the extension used is Chart Templates File .crtx – so now save it and you have created your chart template.

Ideas to you use Chart Templates in PowerPoint 2010:

  • Save time when you need to create custom charts in PowerPoint
  • Follow your corporate visual identity easily by creating custom chart templates
  • Change basic chart properties from other charts (colors, marker formats, line width, shadows, etc.)

Next time you want to use the chart template in PowerPoint presentations. Go to Insert -> Chart and look for the Templates folder.

chart template powerpoint

Now, simply click on the template that you want to use and the chart will be inserted.

You can also change an existing chart to use your new template. Just go to the slide and chart that you want to use as a target chart, and then having it selected go to Design tab and click Change Chart Type. You can use the chart templates in Microsoft PowerPoint to apply the same styles and formatting to multiple charts within your PowerPoint presentations.

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