Chart Templates

Download free chart templates and chart designs for Microsoft Excel 2010 and PowerPoint 2010. Chart templates in Excel and PowerPoint can be used to share the chart properties like chart design, layout and other interesting properties including shadows, colors, axis names, etc. between the colleagues in an organization or you can design your own chart templates for example to match the corporate visual identity. We have created free chart templates that you can download for PowerPoint and Excel.

How to Insert a Linked Excel Chart in PowerPoint

Embed or Insert Chart from Excel to PowerPoint

When you’re creating PowerPoint presentations, listing your ideas and data in every slide can make your slides look dull. It’s nice to break it up with images and visuals. And while pictures can paint many words, if you want to present comprehensive information, you have to have charts. Here is a tip on how to …

Club Dues Tracker For Excel Online

Keep Track of Your Club Membership and Club Dues

It is fun to join clubs or organizations. Not only will you be engaged in many activities with people who have the same interests as you; you will also be able to widen your social connections and even business networks. There are many clubs for your community that you can join depending on what your …

Free RACI Chart Template For Excel

Easily Create a RACI Chart for Project Management

A project manager’s task, in essence, is to get things done. Project management requires thorough and careful planning and close attention to details as the tasks get accomplished one by one. Project management is part of many business activities and is an important key in many operations.

Animated Forging Success PowerPoint Template

Forging Success PowerPoint Template is an Animated Business Template. Like other animated templates by Presenter Media, this template comes with sample slides with animations, editable business charts, clipart, timeline slides and more. Whether you need to make a motivating presentation for your peers to need to create some excitement among your staff for prospects related …

Animated Magicians PowerPoint Template With Magic Wand Illustration

Sometimes when you are at a loss of ideas to make a presentation that may stand out, what you need is a magician’s touch! The Magicians Magic Wand PowerPoint Template is an amazing business template that can help you spread the magic of your ideas with some funny animations and witty ideas.

Animated Swimming Pool Swimmer Template For PowerPoint

The Animated Swimming Pool Swimmer PowerPoint Template is an animated template for PowerPoint and Keynote that comes with editable slides for making swimming related presentations. Like other Animated PowerPoint Templates by Presenter Media, this template provides everything from animated slides, useful images and sample slides for quickly making your presentations.

Business Presentation Template For PowerPoint With Animated 3D Graphs

Anticipating success and failure is a vital part of business planning, whether it is the success or failure of business initiatives taken by the company you work for or competitors. Showing forecasts and reports depicting business success and failure can perhaps be less tense and more interesting if one uses a novel idea, such an …

Free Simple Process Chart Template for PowerPoint Presentations

The free template that we are releasing today is a simple flow chart and process chart template with events and arrows that you can download to make awesome presentations in PowerPoint. This free simple process chart template was inspired in the free process chart design submitted by Educational World to templates gallery. However, we …

Create Awesome Charts for your Business Presentations using Free Photoshop PSD Chart Templates

If you need to prepare awesome business presentations then you can opt either to create your own presentation and slide design from scratch, reuse any of the PowerPoint presentation templates that you can download for free from our site, or purchase any premium PowerPoint template from sites like PresenterMedia that offer awesome animated PowerPoint templates …