Free Cashier Balance Sheet Template for Excel 2013

Cashiers, in any business establishment, especially in retail and restaurant industries, play an important role. Aside from giving outstanding customer service as they interact with customers, they should also be trustworthy and able to handle money responsibly.

Easily Track Your Daily Drawer Register

It is a cashier’s duty to record the transactions, receive payment, give appropriate change (for cash payments) and documentation such as receipts and invoice. It is also the cashier’s duty to ensure that sales are religiously and accurately recorded and that the daily financial activities of the operations is in good shape.

Cashier Balance Sheet

The Free Cashier Balance Sheet Template for Excel 2013 is a template for keeping track of a cashier’s daily financial transactions, ensuring that all the money adds up by the end of the day. It easily and clearly shows if the register or drawer comes short or over.

Identify Discrepancies in Your Cash Drawer

This template is useful for business owners who want to monitor their sales and expenses through a cashier. This ensures that the money is handled responsibly and that the bills and coins add up. Such a record system helps deter theft and gives you proper monitoring of your cash even when you are not in the store.

Designed for all Types of Businesses

This Free Cashier Balance Sheet Template can be used whether you’re in the restaurant or food service, retail, wholesale, and any other establishments where most of the transactions are done through cash basis.

This Cashier Balance Sheet Template is also great for businesses that employ more than one cashier, since this templates allows not just for easy and accurate tracking but also for well-documented endorsements of the money and the register.

Auto-Compute Coins and Bills Inventory

The Cashier Balance Sheet Template contains the name of the cashier and the signature, Date, Drawer Total, Counted Total, Cash Total, and Over/Short amount. The Over/Short amount is in red to highlight discrepancies.

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Cash Report Template for Excel

To further complement your work or to simply create a daily cash report to present to your boss, you can also use this free Cash Report Template for Excel. This template can be used for multiple cashiers and to create a report for all cashiers’ at hand for a particular day. Hence, it can not only be useful for individual cashiers but also for supervisors to create elaborate, yet easy to comprehend, daily cash reports.

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cash report template for excel

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