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Free Petty Cash Receipt Template For Word With 3 Receipts Per Page

Detailed Petty Cash Receipt Template

Many businesses often have a petty cash fund. Petty cash funds are small amounts of cash kept on hand for purchases and reimbursements that do not need to go through the often rigorous and tedious process of purchase and reimbursement procedures. This petty cash must be carefully safeguarded and tracked to prevent and deter theft.

Free Receipt Template For Word With 3 Receipts Per Page

Convenient and Complete Receipt Template for Sales and Purchases

For any business entity involved in selling goods or services to customers, it is important to issue receipts. First, it is mandated by the government. Second, it is a record of your sales as a company and a customer’s record of his purchases which he can refer to in case of returns or exchanges, even …

Create Gauges In MS PowerPoint And MS Excel With BeGraphic Add-in

BeGraphic is an add-in for MS PowerPoint and MS Excel that allows users to create and add gauges to PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets. With BeGraphic you can create speedometers, odometers, tachometers, and other types of gauges, with logos, user defined shapes and needle types,  alerts, labels, etc.

Gauges for PowerPoint Presentations

Gauges have lots of drawbacks in corporate dashboards but sometimes this is what the customer want to see, especially top managers and CEOs. Aside of other visualization tools, gauges can be very basic and decorate your reports or PowerPoint presentations. By default PowerPoint do not come with gauge templates that you can use for your …