Household Budget Template Worksheet For Excel

Keeping a household budget lets you keep track of your expenses while avoiding unnecessary ones. A household budget ensures that you don’t spend more than what you earn, and that you allocate enough for savings and emergencies. The Microsoft Office portal offers many budgeting templates and an addition to its collection is this family monthly budget template that we will explore in this post.

Free Monthly Budget for Your Family

Organize and Plan Your Expenses

The Household Budget Template Worksheet for Excel is a free budgeting template compatible with Excel 2003 or later versions. This Excel template allows you to keep track of your family’s monthly budget and organize your expenses into various categories.

Allocate Funds for Your Various Expenses

This way, you can easily plan and allocate your spending towards necessities like utilities, food, taxes and savings. These expenses fall into clearly defined categories, namely: Housing, Transportation, Insurance, Food, Children, Personal Care, Taxes, Savings and Insurance, Legal, Gifts and Donations, and such.

Compares Projected to Actual Incomes and Expenses

This Household Budget Template Worksheet for Excel lets you plan or project your financial activities, and also fill in your actual ones so you can keep track of how much you are actually spending. This template auto-computes subtotals for each expense category and for monthly incomes.

Easily Show Your Monthly Actual Spending

In addition, this template also automatically computes the total difference between your projected cost and actual cost, as well as projected income and actual income. This reminds you of your plan and prevents you from overspending. Because this template shows the difference or variance, you can also keep track of your losses or of how much you have deviated from your projected amounts, or your budget. This also lets you allocate adequate amounts to your most important expense to your least important. This Excel template is compatible with Excel 2003 and later versions.

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