Free NDA Agreement Template for Word

Last updated on May 5th, 2024

NDA Agreement template can be helpful for anyone who is looking for free mutual NDA agreement before sharing confidential data or information that should not be shared by parties. LegalZoom provides different legal services for individuals and businesses and this is a NDA agreement template that you can download for Word from templates gallery.

Free NDA Agreement Template for Word 2013

If you need a free Non-Disclosure Agreement then this free NDA template includes the LegalZoom app for Word, offering a step by step guideline for using this form as well as access to additional legal templates.

This legal document template for Word contains everything needed for a NDA agreement including different clauses like counterparts clauses, waiver clauses, ownership rights, patent and copyright registrations, inventions, obligations to maintain confidentiality by parties, confidential information, exclusions and certification.

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