HotGloo Offers Prototyping And Wireframing With Online Collaboration

HotGloo is a web app that shrinks prototyping and wireframing down to your internet browser, with options for online collaboration. In some ways HotGloo is similar to and JumpChart; however, users may find it easier and more convenient to use.

HotGloo Web App

Create Responsive Wireframes With a Wide Range of UI Elements

What sets HotGloo apart from similar services is the ability to create responsive wireframes. In other words you can create wireframes which may be suitable for standard screens, smartphones or tablets. You can even create a custom layout to suit a specific screen type. Other than basic stencils, the Master Library offers many other useful UI components, such as elements for iPhone and iPad devices, elements which can be used for making sign-up forms and a lot more.

Create Responsive Wireframes

Create Reusable Templates and Collaborate With Colleagues and Clients

HotGloo makes it possible to create templates that are reusable, so that you can use them across your account. You can also include Masters to any of your modules or pages. Other benefits of HotGloo include the ability to upload and share elements with users online and find out what your colleagues are working on.

Create Reusable Templates

Additionally, you can also give access to clients and make use of the feedback feature to allow people to annotate and review your work. This can be a good mechanism for getting a second opinion or instant client approval.

Add Comments to Wireframes

HotGloo is a paid service, however, you can sign up for a free trial to evaluate the service on a 15-day trial basis. If you are looking for a good offline tool for wireframing and prototyping, then you might find PowerMockup to be quite useful. This tool enables making wireframes and prototypes right from within PowerPoint.

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