Free Animated Pictures Fly in Effect PowerPoint Template

Animations will always play a special part in presentations. It’s easy to do wrong, however, so you have to be careful with your choices. But with the right set of animations that matches your theme and topic, you can create compelling PowerPoint presentations that your audience will definitely love.


The Free Animated Pictures Fly in Effect PowerPoint Template gives a beautiful and dramatic animation effect that you can use for all your presentation projects. This slide template helps highlight a phrase, statement, or caption, in a way that makes it stand out against the rest of your slides.

Elegant Fly in Effect

This free animated pictures fly in effect template features a gradient gray background that will fit in seamlessly with any presentation theme or template. You can use this same background or if you want to remain consistent to your theme, you can apply your background to this template without much hassle.

There’s a bird image, a snowy egret, against an ocean background, which suits the fly in effect of the template. This type of bird is found in coastal areas and are characterized by their snow-white feathers, black legs and beak, and bright yellow claws. Such an image is perfect for displaying the fly in animation effect.

Beside this image is a placeholder for your caption or phrase, which you can edit by clicking on it and typing your own words. As for the egret image, you can change this by deleting it and downloading your own image.


Easy Built In Animations

By clicking on the Animation Pane, you an easily see that there are already animations added for you, so you have to just edit, copy, and then paste this slide to your presentation. If you’re not familiar with animations or are new to PowerPoint, don’t worry, the template provides a convenient guide in the Notes section to help you out.


You can also duplicate this template throughout your slide, to make it a title, transition, or closing slide.

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