Best Football Clipart For PowerPoint

Many of you might be tuned into the UEFA European Championship, rooting for your favourite teams. Sometimes when something gets someone really excited, it’s not a bad idea to bring your enthusiasm to your presentations. For example, you might be a teacher with die hard soccer fans in your class or a business professional who might be working among soccer crazy fans. In such a case adding a touch of the beautiful game in your presentations might lighten up the mood of your audience. Similarly, you might want to make a presentation about sports, soccer or American football. The football clipart listed below provides high-quality images for soccer and American football.

Best football clipart

Crack Wall Soccer Ball Clipart

This clipart depicts a soccer ball  in a cracked wall, as if the ball is stuck in the wall after being hit into it. You can get this clipart in a custom resolution with a clear or white background. The same goes for other clipart images listed below.

Go to Presenter Media – Crack Wall Soccer Ball Clipart

Crack wall soccer ball clipart

Soccerball Flaming Clipart

A depiction of a flaming soccer ball is just what you need to describe the passion for football. You can use this high quality clipart in your slides to make presentations about the beautiful game or simply to symbolically represent passion, competition, entertainment, etc.

Go to Presenter Media – Soccerball Flaming Clipart

Soccer ball flaming clipart

Georgian Flag with Soccer Ball Clipart

This clipart gives a beautiful illustration of the Georgian flag with a soccer ball. You can download a similar clipart for the flag of your country from the link given with the next image in this list.

Go to Presenter Media – Georgian Flag with Soccer Ball Clipart

Georgian flag with soccer ball clipart

Football Clipart Images with Country Flags

You can download a clipart image of a soccer ball with your country’s flag by going to the link below. This link provides access to a number of soccer themed clipart, with a number of images depicting flags of various football playing nations.

Go to Presenter Media – Football Clipart Images with Country Flags

Football clipart with country flags

Football Set on Tee Clipart

As football is synonymous with not just soccer but also American football and rugby, we have included some awesome clipart for the latter. This image shows a football on a tee, which makes it perfect for presentations about American football.

Go to Presenter Media – Football Set on Tee Clipart

Football set on tee clipart

Crack Wall Football Clipart

This is an image of a football stuck in a wall. Similar to the soccer ball clipart, this image depicts a football stuck in a wall.

Go to Presenter Media – Crack Wall Football Clipart

Football in cracked wall clipart

Stick Figure Quarterback Throw Football Clipart

A quarterback throwing a football is the perfect image for making a rugby or American football related presentation. Of course, there are also other varieties of football that you can relate this clipart to such as Canadian football. Or maybe you are a NFL fan who might want to use this image for a presentation or personal project.

Go to Presenter Media – Stick Figure Quarterback Throw Football Clipart

Stick figure quarterback throw football clipart

You can download a plethora of soccer and American football clipart from the below links. Like other illustrations in our list, these images are available in PNG and JPG formats, with the option to download them in a resolution of your choice.

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