Formal Business Letter Template For Word

In business, branding is important. It lets people know what your company is all about as well as the values that it stands for. Furthermore, in all business communication, having a letterhead that conveys not only your contact information but your logo and brand strategy is also important. Moreover, your content must be professional as well. So if you are in the market for a reliable formal business letter, you can use this Word Online template below.


The Formal Business Letter Template for Word is a polished, professional letter template that you can use for many business letters. This template features a dateline, inside address, salutation, body, and closing remarks. The template’s sample text is also spaced and formatted to suit your very own office letterhead, for convenience and versatility.

This Word Online template also has sample text and autotext to give you an idea on how your own business letter will look like. Simply follow the instructions and the autotext indicators to complete your very own letter. Auto text is a convenient tool for allowing you to just type in your information in the indicated areas in the document, such as the Date, From, To, Addresses, Recipient Name, and more. You can use this template for proposals, reports, announcements, acceptance, etc.

Aside from business, you can even use this letter template for formal personal and academic letters, such as letters of application and cover letters.


Furthermore, this template can be easily sent as a printed copy or even as an attachment. You can also share it via the OneDrive sharing tools to social media and other apps.


As a Word Online template, any formal business letter you make can be edited and accessed online using any browser. Just log into your OneDrive account. You can also access this template for urgent formal letters by conveniently opening it using any mobile device or computer. It can be printed on any letter-sized paper and on office stationery.

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