Confidential Memo Word Template

Companies have trade secrets and other confidential information that they do not want to share with the public and with other companies, especially their competitors. They may also have classified data that other departments or certain employees do not need to know for one reason or another. Therefore, when you are communicating with another department or with your own employees, you may need to create a confidential memo that immediately lets your recipient know the non-disclosure status of the information you are giving out.


For this, you need the Confidential Memo Word Template to help you communicate important information, reminders, rules, and updates within your company or within certain departments. This template is designed to help ensure that only the people concerned can get the memo.

Maintain a Need-to-Know Basis

This Confidential Memo template uses a classic layout that is versatile enough for any industry or company. It features a clean, professional look while still allowing enough space for you to type in your information, no matter how long and detailed it needs to be.

Furthermore, the template is preformatted as a standard memo, so all you have to do is input your information in the given spaces. The template has a heading, with “Confidential Memorandum” at the very top, in big and bold letters. Below, is the Date, Subject, From, Company, To, and Company. Besides these are Auto Text boxes so that you only need to click on them to type.


Then, neatly separated is the body, which you can also replace with your own text by simply clicking on the paragraphs. You can also add your letterhead and insert your logo.

Easily Share and Ensure Confidentiality

This Confidential Memorandum Template is also in Word Online, which means it can be easily accessed anytime using any device or computer. This is very handy if you are not in your office and need to deliver an urgent memo.


This Word Online template can also be shared with select people, further ensuring security of the information in the memo.

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