Food Presentations PowerPoint Template

If you’re into food, then you’re one of the many who are probably hungry for food-themed presentations. You may be a chef, business owner, restaurateur, manager, marketing specialist, or any other employee in the food service industry who may find a need to create food presentations. Of course, you would need images that automatically give your audience an idea of what your presentation would be about. And when it comes to food, you should also make your audience’s mouth water!


Beautiful Template for the Food Industry

The Food Presentations PowerPoint Template is a beautiful, visual, and mouth-watering template that is all about food, food, food. The template comes with professionally taken food pictures that will definitely get your audience interested.

This template features 16 slides that have different layouts, with different professionally taken images of food. Some layouts also allow for different charts and SmartArt to be included in your slides. These visuals are also created to complement the look of the template so your whole presentation looks cohesive.


By clicking on Insert and choosing New Slide, or going to the Home tab and choosing New Tab, you can populate a selection of slide layouts so you can present your information in different ways while still retaining the same theme.

Easily Add Your Own Food Pictures

As for the images, there are various food pictures that showcase the best qualities of the food items in the presentation. If you’re into food photography or you have beautifully taken photos of your own menu items, you can use them in this slide. Just delete the sample images in the slides and insert your own images or you can even get images online.


This template is perfect for training restaurant or fast food employees, as well as for presenting proposals, financial reports, sales reports, and many other kinds of presentations related to food and the food industry.

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