Stitched Denim Borders Template For PowerPoint Online

Last updated on November 17th, 2023

Blue jeans are a classic fashion statement. Anyone can look good in a pair of blue jeans. That is why this PowerPoint template is inspired by it. The Stitched Denim Borders PowerPoint Online Template is a beautiful template that you can use on many types of presentations in different industries such as manufacturing, fashion, textiles, construction, repair services, retail, arts and crafts, and even music.

Denim Design Template for PowerPoint Online

The white stitching along the blue jeans background serves as a border for the slide templates. The denim fabric background itself is textured with subtle brushed detail. This Stitched Denim Borders Template for PowerPoint Online is a beautiful, professionally designed template that has a clean layout and allows you to present data in many visual ways.

Beautiful Stitched Denim Design for PowerPoint Online

Widescreen PowerPoint Online Template

This widescreen 16:9 template contains 12 slides that you can use. Since it is in PowerPoint Online, you can access it anywhere through your browser. You can also save it on your computer to modify and save on PowerPoint.

Sample Tables, Charts, SmartArt and More

Easy to Customize from within an Internet Browser

The PowerPoint Online Template starts with a title or cover slide which you can also use as a transition slide to separate a long presentation into sections. The succeeding slides contain sample lists, graphs, tables, SmartArt Graphics and photos. These are arranged in carefully designed layouts so all you have to do modify the data for your own.

Easily Customizable Template for PowerPoint Online

The template contains multiple sample slide layouts and you can simply duplicate the slides to complete your own presentation. You can also customize the layout theme and designs to suit your preferences.

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