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Last updated on November 18th, 2023

In this highly digital age, one might think that business cards are merely the last vestiges of a bygone era, like brochures or flyers. Many sites such as LinkedIn have made it easy to connect and contact people using the internet. However, it pays to add a personal touch and provide a business card for your branding and networking strategies. 

The Business Cards Template for Word Online is a professionally designed business card maker that you can use to provide your contact information to clients by making printable business cards. A business card such as this will help you in creating and expressing your personal brand and provide opportunities for future contacts and wider networks.

Create Professional-Looking Business Cards in Minutes

Create Printable Business Cards by Editing Sample Cards

This Business Cards Template makes it easy for you to create plenty of business cards within minutes. It features ten portrait-oriented business cards which are professional and yet still creative. These business cards are already laid out horizontally and are conveniently printer-friendly. You can print as many sets as you need and you have yourself a formal and smart-looking business card in minutes. Alternatively, you can download free business card templates for Photoshop.

Simply Insert Your Own Logo into Your Business Card Template

Customize Business Card Design

Each business card contains the same information that you just have to fill out by typing. You can also insert your own company logo in the space provided on the upper part of the business card. In addition, you can simply type in contact information such as your name, title/position in the company, email address, physical address or office address, web site, telephone number and fax number.

The design is simple, clean, clear and sleek enough that all the necessary details can be displayed and well-understood by anyone. You can customize this template’s design to suit your own preference. Simply go to the Design tab on the Ribbon and click through many customization options, such as colors, style, and cell shading. You can even change the font style and size of the business cards, just make sure that your information can still be clearly read off your business card.

Customize Your Own Business Card and Express Your Individuality

To get started with making your own business cards, see the link given below.

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