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Find out all about the various tips, apps and web services that you can use for converting and sharing PDF files.

PDF documents are one of the most common digital document formats used for sharing official files. Not only is this format print-ready but also accessible via various free apps and the ability to upload and share PDF files is also easier than many other file formats. If you intend to share PDF or convert your Portable Document Format files to another format, see the posts below.

Secure Document Sharing With HoGoDoc

When sharing documents online there is always the threat of the file being misused even if it is sent as a private link. The same can be said for files shared via network or between devices. This is because there have been security loopholes and complete security failures by companies like Dropbox, resulting in the …

Share Image And PDF Presentations Online With SlideSnack

SlideSnack is a web service for sharing presentations online. It works pretty much like SlideOnline, with the exception that users cannot directly share PowerPoint presentations and require converting presentations to PDF or JPG format before they can be uploaded. As many devices are not compatible with presentation applications like Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote and OpenOffice files, …