Expense Trends Budget For Excel

Expense trends can vary depending on the time of year, as well as many other factors. Despite the many complexities that come with trends, it is still important to be able to predict them in order to anticipate any major incidents and therefore make necessary budget preparations.


When it comes to your expenses, knowing just how much you spend on certain things at certain times can help you budget more effectively. The Expense Trends Budget for Excel is an excellent tool that can help you keep track of your expense trends so that you are financially in tip-top shape.

Always Be on Trend

This Expense Trends Budget is a free Excel template that you can use for your household, small projects, organizations, and even small businesses. This template can help you have a good idea where your money is being spent on, which expense category is bigger and is more prominent in the expense trends. It can also help you create a forecast of your potential expenses for the next week, and the months ahead.

This Expense Trends Budget template contains various worksheet tabs for each month of the year, as well as a Summary tab that conveniently displays how your expenses went and what the trends are for the whole year. Furthermore, there is also a tab for Tips that can help anyone, from beginners to expert Excel users to create their own Expense Trends Budget.


Know Your Monthly Spending Habits

For each monthly tab, there is a table where you can create a list of expenses, which you can categorize depending on your own expense activities. The table is separated into columns for Date, PO#, Amount, Category, and Description. You can easily toggle to the Summary by clicking on the Summary button on the upper right-hand portion of every monthly tab.

Meanwhile, the Summary tab, contains a vertical bar graph that displays the information that is in the accompanying table. This shows your expense trends for the whole year on a monthly basis and according to each expense category.


This template can be uploaded to your OneDrive account so you can access it as an Excel Online template and update it anytime and anywhere.

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