Address Book Maker Template For Excel

In this age of technology where there is always an app for everything, it still pays to have a trusty backup for when an unexpected technological glitch happens. Take for example your contact list. Sure you have your contacts safely secured in your phone, but if you lose your phone or damage it, you could end up without an updated backup. Therefore, you’d find yourself having to search high and low for all your important contacts all over again.


To help ease your mind and ensure you have a well-kept and organized address book for all your important business and personal contacts, there is the Address Book Maker Template for Excel. This Address Book Maker Template is a free template that can help you store all your contacts in one neat place.

Have a Backup of Your Important Contacts

This Address Book template contains an organized table for you to type in all your contacts’ information: Name, Work Number, Cellphone Number, Home Number, Email Address, Birthday, Address, City, State, Zip and Notes. This will allow you to have comprehensive information on all your contacts and even allow you to send them personalized greeting cards or birthday cards when necessary.

This template has a clean, streamlined, orange theme that you can of course change to suit your own preferences. Just go to the Page Layout menu on the Ribbon and from there choose the theme or color scheme you want from among the many preset options available for you. You can even change the font styles to suit your preference.


Access it Anytime and Anywhere

This template can also be uploaded to your OneDrive account so you can access it through your mobile phone or other mobile devices such as tablets; anytime you want. This is because you can store this address book template on the cloud so you can easily update it whenever you need it.


Should you choose to upload your address book in the form of this spreadsheet, all you will require doing is to whip out any mobile device or computer and login to your Office Online or OneDrive account to access your address book.

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