Free Weekly Expenses Report Template For Excel

Whether for personal, household, or organizational use, proper tracking of expenses is a must in order to ensure that you are spending your finances on things that are necessary and to also avoid going over your budget. Expenses should be tracked regularly and a weekly report is very helpful. 

Free Weekly Expenses Template for Personal, Household and Company Use

The Free Weekly Expenses Report Template for Excel is a useful tool for keeping track of your expenses. This can be used for your personal, household, or even your team or organization’s expenses. This Free Weekly Expenses Report Template is ideal for out-of-town or business trips, when you have a set budget you must adhere to for all your needs.

Standard but Flexible

This free-to-use Weekly Expenses Report Template for Excel is a standard expense report spreadsheet containing pertinent information that is needed to identify your expenses for a particular item, category and the corresponding day of the week when you have spent it. This Excel Template contains categories like Transportation and Lodging and Meals, allowing you to input amounts corresponding to each category and subcategory. These amounts, or data, should also be filled under specific days of the week. The template already has columns intended for each day of the week and specific dates as well. A Total is automatically computed for each day’s expenses so you can track which day you have spent the most and for what item or category.

Standard But Flexible Format Can Easily Be Customized

This Free Weekly Expense Report Template for Excel, although has built-in auto-compute features, as well as given expense items and categories, can still be customized. This free template is flexible enough to be modified to suit your specific needs. You can delete certain items that do not apply to you or add expense items that you need to keep track of. So even though this template seems to be ideal for business trips, it can also be modified to be used for many applications and situations.

Keep Track of Your Weekly Expenses

What is great about this Free Weekly Expense Report Template is that it can be used to track your many weekly expenses. You can use this template and modify it for your household use. You can edit the categories to show your expenses for Groceries, Utilities, Recurring Bills, Maintenance and Repair, and many other things. You can also customize it for your organizations projects, your camping trip with friends, out-of-town vacation with family, or just your personal expenses including Clothes, Snacks, and Entertainment.

Expense Report Template Auto-Computes Weekly Totals and Grand Total

This Free Weekly Expense Report Template shows your total spending for each item and for each week. These automatically compute totals. Also, it displays your total spending each day and for that whole week. You can just copy and paste a new tab to add another week and rename each tab to reflect the dates or purpose of your expense report.

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