Free Household Budget Template For Excel

Every household, big or small, operates like a business. There are incomes and expenses that have to be managed together for things to operate well. To ensure that the expenses can be adequately covered by your income, planning and budgeting is necessary. The Free Household Budget Template for Excel allows you to create a budget. This free Excel template lets you estimate your income and expenses whether for personal use, for your household or, with a few modifications, even your business.

Budget Spreadsheet for Every Household

Suitable Template for Household Use

Although this handy and convenient template can be modified for use in small businesses, this Free Household Budget Template works best for households. It comes with preset income and expense categories for the house, like mortgage, car insurance, food, medical or healthcare, personal care, and entertainment, among others. These expenses are separated into fixed expenses and variable expenses.

Budget Your Expenses and Show Your Actual Spendings

The template allows you to create a budget for one month. It shows your budget in one column and your actual income and expenses in another. It also automatically computes for the variance. This variance will let you know if your actual financial activities fit with your prepared budget.

Having this template also eases the task of having to compute for every item. This Excel template already auto-computes for the figures. This feature lessens the possibilities of miscomputations, which often happen when you compute manually.

Budget Your Whole Year and Beyond

This standard household template can be further modified to accommodate any other additional income or expenses not identified in the list. All you have to do is insert a new row to either income or expenses and type the item you want to add.

Show Variance in Budget and Actual Costs

If you want to prepare a budget for the next month, just copy the template’s tab and rename it to the next month, and so forth. You can copy as many of the templates you like in order to create a budget for the succeeding months, or even years.

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