Executive PowerPoint Template

An effective slideshow has the ability not only to clearly convey your message to your audience but to keep them interested in your presentation. In business, the presentation must look professional and the message must be clear. So if you are looking for a clean, corporate PowerPoint template, you can use this template below.


The Executive PowerPoint Template is a clean, minimalist, and professional-looking template that evokes a sense of authority. This is because the template is straight-to-the-point and drives the audience directly to your content.

Gradient White Background and Clean Layout

The template features a gradient gray to white background that gives the slide’s background a spotlight effect, therefore drawing the eyes to the center of the slide, where the title of the presentation is. The rest of the slides contain the same effect, giving your whole presentation a unified look.

To create your very own presentation, simply click New Slide on the Home menu in the Ribbon. From here, select from a wide variety of slide layouts. The slides are designed with preset placeholders so you can follow these guides to type in your content and easily insert objects such as tables, charts, graphs, and images.


Now to customize the presentation, simply click on the Design menu to format the background. You can also add textures and images such as your company logo. Additionally, you can change the font styles and font colors to coordinate all the design elements of your template.

Modify and Update the Template On-the-Go

You can easily access this template using any internet connected device. Just open a browser to log into your Microsoft Online account to access the template even when you are not on your desk. This makes it perfect for people who are always on-the-go or those who are on the road.

Alternatively, you can opt to save the presentation template on your computer or device, take the document with you anywhere you go, and edit it right from there.

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