Elements of a Good PPT Seminar

Delivering an effective PPT Seminar is one of the most effective methods to convey your ideas to the audience. This interactive process leaves an impact on the target audience, only if, appropriate tools of communication are utilized.

If you think that delivering seminars with help of PowerPoint  is not your cup of tea, then here are some thumb rules to prove your thinking wrong:

Information of Your Presentation

Select an Appropriate Topic

Initially, choose a topic that seems appealing and interesting in accordance with your target audience. Understand it thoroughly and then move ahead.

Do more and more Research

Explore your topic thoroughly and try to find out exciting facts about it that can provide information to the audience. This would help you in making a strong grip over the topic so that you are able to answer them when required.

Outline and structure

To bring a definite flow to your presentation, effective planning is important. The introduction part should be an interesting and prompting one so as to gain the attention of the audience from the beginning.

When it comes to the informative part, the body should contain only important keywords and no lengthy sentences. While concluding, you need to sum up the entire presentation, so add something interesting that leaves a long lasting impression on the viewers. We recommend to read our article on what are essential skills for PowerPoint presentations.

Formation of Slides

As you are using PowerPoint, there are lots of features accessible to design your slides.

Text and Font

The amount of text used in all the slides should not look overfilled. For more convenience, you can highlight the important points using bullets.  Moreover, the font style you would be using should be an attractive one and easily comprehensible with a good size.


To make your audience understand better, adding images, clip-art, tables would be a good idea. You can also use animations to make more impact.

Alignment and Cohesiveness

The positioning of the images and text should be in a good sequence. Additionally, each slide should relate to the subsequent slide so as to maintain connectivity.

Delivery of PPT Seminar

Equipments and Setup

You should hold a prior knowledge about all the electronic tools you are going to use such as Projector, Laptop, mike, Pointer etc.


While speaking, your body movements should reflect positivity and confidence. Try to cover the stage by walking, but not unnecessarily.


Connecting with the audience is the key point of a successful seminar. Maintain an eye contact with overall gathering to show that you are interested in talking to them. Include small activities such as quizzes to link with them.

Follow all these points to make your PPT Seminar an effective one. Always remember that with more and more practice, you can deliver a fantastic seminar.

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