Animated Featured Presentation PowerPoint Template

Featured presentations and individual slides need to be highlighted during a seminar, corporate event or a formal presentation. Similarly, you might be looking for a good slide deck to create a slide show to be displayed on a monitor to welcome guests at an event or to flash an important message. The Animated Featured Presentation PowerPoint …

Giving Seminar Presentations: Do’s And Don’ts

Giving a presentation or a speech in front of a large audience can make anyone get cold feet! But with enough practice you can master the art of public speaking and even develop quite a knack for it, which is why practice is of key importance especially when it comes to seminars!

Free Certificate Of Participation Template For Word 2013


Attending trainings, seminars, consortiums, talks and other organization or conference activities can greatly help you improve your skills and knowledge on a particular subject. These trainings, seminars and conferences are also a good addition to the list of activities and accomplishments in your resume.

Add Advanced Voting Functionality To PowerPoint With PPVote

PPVote is an audience response system that comes fully integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint. This add-in can be used to facilitate anything from focus groups, workshops, group meetings to voting for AGMs (Annual General Meetings) to decide the next Board of Directors for a Limited Company. PPVote is quite easy to use, as it seamlessly integrates …

Using PowerPoint Presentation for Web Conferencing

Using PowerPoint Presentation for Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is today’s most effective technology that offers robust communication over the internet. When combined with PowerPoint and conference call software, these webinars acts as a hallmark of a fruitful business. The reason behind its immense popularity in business world is because it can be used for conducting corporate meetings and seminars without being physically present at …

Why is Important to Speak Correctly during a Presentation or Public Speaking

We always overlook basic aspects of presentation like how to prepare, how to present, how to practice.  And of course, we all know how to speak but still there are a lot of things that we can do to deliver a great presentation. Some points are given below that can help you in giving effective …

Giving a Seminar Presentation

A successful speaker is the one who talk and stands with graceful gestures and facial expression in front of his/her audience. So to prepare the best representation for seminar presentations or seminar speeches you should deal with 7 major aspects. If any chance you fail to pay proper attention to these elements then it may …