Create Plastic Jewelry, Mugs And Toys With Cube 3D Printer

We are all aware of paper printers for printing out documents, photos and other types of digital content. But what about a printer that can make real mugs, toys, jewelry and refrigerator magnets for you? Cube 3D Printer is a home printer for making items out of recyclable ABS and compostable PLA. See more details in our 3D printer review below.

Cube 3D Printer

What Can The Cube 3D Printer Do?

3D Printers like Cube can be hard to understand unless you really know what the device is capable of, therefore, before we discuss the various features of Cube, let’s first start with an introductory video of the Cube 3D Printer.

How Does The Cube 3D Printer Work?

Cube builds up material from three dimensions to create real items by melting plastic filament and drawing it with a fine layer. Unlike conventional paper printers, it builds objects in slices, from the bottom up. Cube comes with 25 free printable 3D models. You can get more models from the Cubify store and or design your own. After you have picked a model, the Cubify software will transform it into a file that the printer can read, (to print out your model).

How Does The Cube 3D Printer Work

How is 3D Printing related to PowerPoint Presentations?

Basically it not 100% related, but 3D objects are a nice and original way to impress your audience. How? We remember during a Singularity University presentation when one of the presenters commented about 3D printing as a disrupted technology. During the presentation he shared some 3D printed objects with the audience. This helped to create a more engaged audience and indeed helped to convey the message.

You can use 3D Priting with PowerPoint presentations together. If you carry with this kind of printers during a PowerPoint presentation, you can create personalized objects for your audience (as gift or just to show an example) in order they can get the final product at the end of the audience. See more here on PowerPoint 3D archive.

What Can You Make With Cube?

The only restriction for your models is the space, once that’s covered, you can build anything from earrings, toys, doorknobs, shoes, phone cases, napkin rings and anything else that you may wish to create. The size limitations are as follows; 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″ space (140mm x 140mm x 140mm).

What Can You Make With Cube

Related: if you need to download PowerPoint templates with raw material and plastic backgrounds then you can check this free plastic PowerPoint template for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.

Material Used For Printing

Cube uses non-toxic material, including ABS plastic or PLA Plastic, with the option to use as many as 16 colors. Cube 3D Printer requires a cartridge, which can help you create 35 models per cartridge. The time it might require to print a model is dependent upon the complexity and size of the material and some items might take a few hours to print. According to the developer’s, it takes an average smartphone case around 2 hours to print.

Material Used For Printing

If there was ever be a system to produce a Cube 3D Printer ranking among critics, I would say that the product has received mixed reviews, while CNET lashed out at the product, PC Mag had a more moderate review. To find out for yourself if Cube 3D Printer is the right pick for you, head over to the developer’s website (see link given below).

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