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When it comes to new and interesting ways of making presentations, seems like an intriguing option. Using Slides web app you can create, broadcast and share your presentations online. Slides comes with a number of nifty features which are not available in offline presentation apps like PowerPoint or Keynote. This includes the ability to add code to presentations, as well as to display slides in a zooming UI.

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Creating Online Presentations With Slides Web App

Slides is quite easy to use and you can get started by either making a new account or by simply logging in via Google Plus or Facebook.

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Once logged in, you can create a new deck, personalize your profile or explore the knowledge base to get useful tips about using this web app. There are also helpful tips provided in the Slides editor when you start working on your first deck.

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Create Online Presentations Using Text, Images, Shapes, Iframe and Code

Unfortunately, what makes great is also what can quite easily turn out to be its downside, i.e. the availability of a plethora of presentation options. One can get a little overwhelmed when using Slides for the first time. However, once you get the hang of it, you might find Slides quite easy and useful. The Slides editor allows adding text, images, shapes, Iframe and HTML code via the options located at the left sidebar.

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When you select an option, e.g. ‘Shapes’, your selected item is placed on the current slide, which you can adjust via drag and drop.

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Variety of Slide Layouts

You can also make use of different slide layouts and create your own templates. It is worth mentioning here that to add a new slide you will have to click the plus buttons located on the slide. If you choose, say the left plus button, the slide will be added to the left, whereas, choosing the bottom button will reveal the slide from below, hence allowing you to reveal slides from all four directions during your presentation.

create online presentations with slides web app

Broadcast Live Presentations and Share Them Online

Once your presentation is complete, you can broadcast it to a live audience, as well as share it online using various sharing options. The slide navigation buttons allow you to reveal presentations from four different directions, depending upon the layout you have configured. For example, a slide set to be revealed from above will be revealed from above when you hit the top arrow.

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Slides has a free version that is limited to 250MB storage space. You cannot keep decks private using the free version. On the contrary, the paid versions of Slides provide 2-4GB of storage space, the ability to keep decks (presentations) private, the ability to export presentations to PDF, Dropbox sync, custom CSS, deck revision history and more.

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