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Web based platforms to share and publish online content. Share presentations online by uploading them to a web app or create new presentations from scratch using HTML5 based robust online presentation platforms.

In this section you will find reviews and guides for a range of online publishing platforms for creating, uploading and sharing presentations, micro blogs, marketing and sales material, e-books, magazines, etc.

Presentious: Add Audio To PowerPoint Slides & Share Them Online

While we have reviewed an extensive range of web services which enable sharing PowerPoint files online, Presentious seems to be the most promising of them all. This is because it provides a variety of options for importing presentation files, such as from PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF and Open Document format, as well as via online web …

Create Web Based Interactive Timelines With Tiki Toki Timeline Maker

Tiki Toki is a web based timeline maker which enables creating beautiful timelines using text, videos and images. Tiki Toki supports fetching web based content via URL (including YouTube and Vimeo), which makes it possible to easily insert images and videos to create interactive, sharable timelines.

Embed Word, Excel & PowerPoint Files To Your Website Using has recently been revamped by Microsoft, making it a more robust file sharing platform. Using this web app users can now upload and share Microsoft Office files online, as well as create a Sway presentation. In a previous post we showed you how to use, this time around we will demonstrate how … Upload & Share Microsoft Office Documents Online

Microsoft has lately been coming up with a lot of innovative platforms for making document creation and sharing more robust. Not too long ago we saw Office Mix, which is an add-in that supercharges PowerPoint, giving it capabilities similar to expensive tools like Camtasia Studio. Then came Sway, which as the name suggests, is a …

Create Elegant Looking Online Sales Presentations With Presentate

Sales representatives, sales managers and other people engaged in the marketing department of an organization often require explaining a lot of features for a specific product or service. However, what works more than verbal explanations is visual aid.

Show Sales Presentations To Clients On The Go With Point Drive

If you are a sales agent or someone who often requires showing clients different products or need to provide them with detailed information regarding a service, it might be handy for you to carry a presentation on a smartphone or tablet. However, conventional presentations made using mobile presentation apps can often leave a lot to …

Office Sway: The Web Presentation App By Microsoft

Just when you thought Microsoft was losing ground in the Office arena to competitors like Google and other third-party mobile apps, Microsoft comes up with something that is hard to ignore. Office Sway is the name for the latest Microsoft presentation web app which is laden with a plethora of presentation features.

Create, Broadcast And Share Online Presentations With Web App

When it comes to new and interesting ways of making presentations, seems like an intriguing option. Using Slides web app you can create, broadcast and share your presentations online. Slides comes with a number of nifty features which are not available in offline presentation apps like PowerPoint or Keynote. This includes the ability to add …

Create Animated Cloud Based Presentations With Emaze

It appears that it is not a matter of if but when end users might move over PowerPoint and Keynote to adopt a different, more interactive platform for creating and presenting presentations. There are various contenders which might end up replacing conventional presentation apps, such as Prezi and numerous HTML5 based interactive web apps which …

Upload And Share Your Presentations, Magazines And E-Books With ISSUU

ISSUU is a web service for sharing and exploring digital publications uploaded by common users. Whether you wish to share a blog, magazine, tutorial, e-book, PowerPoint Presentation or some other type of content that you wish to publish online, you can use ISSUU to upload and share it with a wide range of audience. In …