Couture PowerPoint Template

Couture, in fashion, represents the most dramatic and most high-end style. So if you want to channel couture from the catwalk to your PowerPoint presentation, you can use this Couture PowerPoint Template.


This Couture PowerPoint Template embodies fashion, style, elegance, sophistication, drama, and flair in every slide. It features a black background with a fancy white overlay embellished with different kinds of patterns.

This widescreen general-purpose template is perfect for many kinds of presentations, such as ones related to fashion, interior design, architecture, textiles, retail, clothing, business, education, and many more. The template is perfect for organizations, schools or personal use. It can also be used as mood boards, photo albums, and even wedding invitations.


With this PowerPoint Online Template, all your slides are premade for you. You can create your very own slideshow in minutes by simply selecting from the wide array of layouts from the New Slide option on the Ribbon’s Home menu.

You can select the slides that you need depending on the information that you want to present. This can be in the form of tables, charts, diagrams, graphs, text, lists, photos, and many more. However you choose to present your information, this template will guide you. You can also be sure that your presentation looks professional, attractive, and stylish.

To customize the template, you can change the white overlay into any color you want. Simply go to the Design menu, select Format Background, and choose other background colors that you prefer. With this customization option, you can ensure that your own couture presentation stays true to your own theme or branding.


And because this template is in PowerPoint Online, you can access it from any internet connected device. This gives you the convenience and mobility that you need especially if you are always on the go or if you are working with other people on a collaborative project. It is easy to share data and updates with this PowerPoint Online template, allowing you to be on track every step of the way.

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