Non Profit Fundraising Report Maker for Excel

Last updated on December 1st, 2023

Fundraising activities are important in generating funds for an important cause that would do a lot of good for the community, environment or for organizations. The success of a fundraising activity lies in making a strong case for your cause and in our previous articles, we have marketing templates that can help you plan and get the word out about your fundraising event.

In this article though, we will tackle another aspect of any fundraising activity that will help you gauge the success of your event. After all, at the end of the day, what makes a fundraising event are the funds it generates.

Create a Beautiful and Interesting Fundraising Report

Instantly Get your Financial Summary

The Non Profit Fundraising Report Maker for Excel is a functional and attractive template that helps you create a report of your fundraiser expenses and proceeds. This template contains tables with built-in formula and pie charts that automatically generate as you input your data.

Automatically Generate Beautiful Pie Charts

The Excel template contains two worksheet tabs: Event Info and Finances. The Event Info template contains the Event Summary, Financial Summary, and Event Details. The template also contains a beautiful header that displays your fundraising event title. This worksheet can be included in a PowerPoint presentation of your fundraiser.

Beautifully Display Fundraiser Details

The Event Summary contains the Title of the Event, Start, End, and Address. It also contains a set of pie charts that displays charts of Goal, Expenditures, and Items Sold. These are automatic reflections of the data in the tables so you can conveniently display data in an attractive and visual format. This template also contains information on where the proceeds of the fundraising event will go, and who the beneficiaries are.

Create Your Fundraising Report Table

The second tab is about Finances, which shows Expenditures and Revenue side by side in separate tables. This way, you can easily see how much you have spent for the fundraising event and how much revenue you have received from fundraising backers.

You can use this fundraising report maker for many types of non profit campaigns, whether for a social, environmental, disaster relief, or political cause.

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