Countdown PowerPoint Template With 10 Minutes Timer

Last updated on January 2nd, 2024

It often happens that one has to take a break during a seminar to give the audience some time to enjoy refreshments before they can comeback for the remaining session of the event. The problem with the recess is often that the audience is not punctual enough to return on time. The Character Countdown PowerPoint Template provides a 10 minute slide show which can be used to alert your audience regarding the remaining time before the break is over.

Adorable Monster Character with Countdown Slides

Each slide in the sequence shows a monster character which alerts the audience about the remaining time. The first slide starts at 10 minutes with a message for the audience to enjoy the refreshments. You can of course customize this message to add anything appropriate according to your event.

Monster character with 10 minutes timer
Example of 10 minute timer slide in a PowerPoint presentation

Slides that Switch Automatically

As the time counts down, there is a message about the remaining time. The slide switches after every 1 minute, with a new slide explaining about how much time is left before the break ends.

Automatically switching slides - Example of 9-minute slide in PowerPoint presentation
Example of 9-minute slide in PowerPoint presentation

Customize Slides and Time According to Need

You can also use this template for 10 minute presentations, where each slide will switch automatically after 1 minute. This can allow you to perfectly time a 10 minute presentation. You can also adjust the time from the ‘Transitions’ tab. This can allow you to add/remove slides and set your own custom duration (via Transitions tab) for your presentation or slide show.

Adjust timer to time your slides - Example of 1-minute timer in PowerPoint presentation
Example of 1-minute timer in PowerPoint presentation

If you go by the default settings of this template, once the 10 minutes are over, the message ‘We’re Back’ appears to alert the audience that they should return to their seats; as the break is over. Alternatively, you can learn how to set a 15-minute timer here.

You can download this 10-minute timer template for PowerPoint and Keynote. As mentioned earlier, the default time for each slide to automatically switch is after every 1 minute.

End of break slide alert - Showing a We are Back slide in PowerPoint

Go to Presenter Media – Character Countdown PowerPoint Template

Monster Character Clipart

If you want to use the cuddly, adorable monster character depicted in the template above; you can also download it as a static image in a desired resolution from Presenter Media.

Monster character clipart

Go to Presenter Media – Monster Character Clipart

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