School Bus Animated PowerPoint Template

The School Bus Animated PowerPoint Template uses school bus as a central theme, with infographic slides for making presentations about topics such as; students, education, school, etc.

School Bus Slides with Animations

This is an animated template which depicts students and school bus illustrations with animations. The title slide provides space for adding a title on top and a sub-title on a sign board located at the left.

School bus PowerPoint template

Different layouts provide the convenience of making various types of slides, such as; comparison slides, picture slides, custom diagrams and the like. You can remove, adjust and move objects using drag and drop and even copy-paste objects from sample slides in your own presentations.

In many of the slides there is an animation of a school bus rolling into the scene. This is followed by revelation of text-boxes with your custom text.

School bus infographic

Create Infographics and Diagrams

The slides in this template can be easily used for making infographics and diagrams. You can make use of the text-boxes with school bus illustrations to reflect your ideas and statistics in the form of infographic slides and custom diagrams. Furthermore, you can also change the color and layout of sample slides by customizing them as heavily as you prefer.

School bus diagram

There are also slides with ample space for adding content, such and text, images and videos. The student illustrations depict boys and girls standing together in a group, with space for adding content on the left.

Students slide design

School Clipart

To help you create custom slides there are also clipart images with school bus and student illustrations. You can copy-paste these images for making custom slides and even recolor the sample clipart using Drawing Tools in PowerPoint.

School clipart

You can use this template regardless of whether you are using the Windows or Mac version of PowerPoint. The template is available as a PPTX file, which makes it compatible with all versions of PowerPoint released in the last decade.

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