How To Make Political Campaign Bumper Stickers in Word

To further intensify, recall and increase exposure of your campaign, you need to think up many ways to create campaign material. One of the most effective yet cost-efficient ways is by using a political campaign bumper sticker. This is a marketing material that you can use for your political campaign. You create stickers that people and supporters can stick on their car bumpers, making your campaign highly visible from the road and from the streets.

Political campaign sticker

Hiring someone to create your political campaign bumper sticker can be very expensive but with this simple guide we will show you how to make Political Campaign Bumper Stickers in Word.

With the Political Campaign Bumper Sticker Template for Word, you can easily create eye-catching and compelling political campaign bumper stickers.

Create Your Own Campaign Bumper Stickers

This political campaign bumper sticker Word template features printer-ready bumper stickers, with two copies on each piece of standard letter-sized paper. They are sized enough to be easily visible on bumpers and even from afar.

The bumper sticker template contains a striking blue background with a gradient effect of the American flag on one side of the template. There is also a “Vote” word on the upper left-hand side. In the middle is the political candidate name and under this, on the lower right-hand side, is the election period. These texts are in solid white, making it contrast and therefore stand out against the blue background. You can easily follow the given placeholders to help you complete your own political campaign bumper sticker.


Use This Template Even On-The-Go

What is great about this template is you can upload it to your OneDrive account so that you and your campaign team can share and easily access the template. Just give them access information so you can all work on the sticker template or open it on your mobile devices or phones even when you are on the go.

Customize campaign sticker template

You can also customize the template to any other campaign so that you don’t have to go to a third-party and pay extra for a bumper sticker, thus giving you plenty of savings.

Go to Download Political Campaign Bumper Sticker Template for Word

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