How to Convert SmartArt to Shapes in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint SmartArt are great to make awesome diagrams easily using PowerPoint with a few clicks. However, sometimes we need to edit the finished diagram to add more elements and shapes to the graphic or just to apply a shape edit that is not possible when it is a SmartArt graphic. Fortunately, PowerPoint 2010 and other versions of PowerPoint have a Convert SmartArt to Shapes feature that lets us convert an existing SmartArt graphic to simple shapes.

To use this feature, you need to insert a SmartArt graphic and then go to SmartArt Tools menu and Design tab. Here, look for Convert button and then click Convert to Shapes option to convert the SmartArt graphic into shapes.

convert smartart to shapes

After converted, the new shape can be edited or un-grouped. You can for example modify the shape by using the yellow diamond or change the shape properties. Other complex diagrams may give you more flexibility to edit the graphics as shapes instead of using SmartArt graphics.

how to convert smartart to shapes

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We hope this article helped to understand how to convert SmartArt objects into regular shapes so you can handle the graphics with all the flexibility that shapes give us.

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